Thursday, November 3, 2011

My How Time Does Fly !!

So it has almost been a year. I like having this space but I am not quite sure how to utilize it for myself.  Life seems to be slowing down some and maybe that is a good thing.  I was able to spend almost all weekend with a group of friends sewing and quilting, Hurray.  I am thinking about starting a list of my UFO's and posting a picture of the project and then completing it and posting the completed project.  This might be ambitious of me but then again sometimes you just have to start.  So off we go! I must not let life just fly by I need to at least hang on for the ride.  Pray, Live, Quilt!!!  Sounds like a good order to me.  Blessings to all who pass by.  : )

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Snowman quilt

Original Quilt design for a Christmas in July Challenge.
This was so much fun to make and I learned alot.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Yes i am still here. Its just that I don't seem to have time to post anything. I seem to stay busy doing other things and I am also a great procrastinator. I have finished a few projects and started quite a few new ones. someday I will get them posted on here. And hopefully i won't take a whole year to check back in on this blog of mine. So i have wasted the better half of the day taking care of a sick kid and was looking for a little down time for me. well Hope all who happen to look here enjoy the few pictures that are posted. Have a great time crafting and creating.

Monday, January 26, 2009

A new Year and still No time to Quilt.

Just stopping by my blog to see if anyone has been by. Sorry for such long pauses between postings. I just can't seem to keep up with everything these days. Winter has been crazy here not the normal snow and cold. We had a lot of snow but then it all melted and went away. It makes it difficult to get my kids to snow for skiing. So we drive to it which means less time at home for me. Oh well such is life. I was able to help my oldest make an advent calendar for Christmas time for his German class. It is really cute and he sewed it all by himself. I just helped cut a few strips. We had a good time. Well I need to go help with home work and then it's off to bed for the little one. I will try and get better at posting COOL quilting stuff but for now this is where I am at. Taking it one day at a time and learning about life as I go. Quilting will come when it comes.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Yes I am still here

Chasing three kids through the summer and right on into fall and now winter. I have had very little time for much of anything except driving and waiting. However, I took some time a week or so ago and took a class from Cara Gulati. She is an amazing art quilter. The class was a struggle for me as it really made me get out of my little box and bend and stretch and finally reach for something creative deep down inside. It was so difficult the first day that I actually had to leave the room to draw my design because I couldn't stay focus. I imagine that the cold I had had for the last two weeks was a contributing factor, that and the sinus headache. But the class was two days and I was not going to miss out cause I was sick. So the next day was better and I actually finished my little swirly design. But all alone I really didn't care two much for it.
And the colors Well lets just say in the store it was all I could do not to cringe and shake. I didn't like the stripe with all that orange and orange is one of my favorite colors. Well I like it now and I have added to it. I don't have a picture yet but I will before the end of the week. I promise to post it. Well it is time to chase my three kids off to bed. But I had this burning desire to keep my blog spot alive. somehow. So I am making a pack to write once a week.
Have a great week and look again for pictures.

These are the pictures I promise so long ago. The quilt is still in this state. Someday it will grow and be free.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Finally able to slow down a bit

My apologies for not posting in so long. Life has a tendency to get in the way of things we enjoy doing. Anyway, I believe it has slowed for a time and so I will catch you up on my crafting side.

I finally finished the Postcard for susan and she has recieved it. I am not sure what she thought as she saved it to be opened at a meeting of some sort. I look forward to hearing the reaction she got when it was opened. Here is a picture of what I sent.

The quilt of prayer is almost finished as well, all that is left is the binding the Longarm quilter called me yesterday and I will have it tomrrow to finish this weekend. I would like to mail it off this next week. here is a picture of the front with the borders on. When I get it back and bound I will take a better picture of the front and the back. The back actually turned into a quilt of its own. So i guess it is somewhat reversable. Although, the LAquilter. Said she did not center it very good and so it won't have even borders but it is after all the back of the quilt.

I have also been working on some other postcard quilts. I joined a postcard swapping group and finished my first exchange. The theme was fairies. These are the PC's I made. I will take photos of the ones I recieved and Post them later. I am still working on one PC exchange and should finish it up tomorrow morning.

And last but not least. I have been teaching my 93 year old Grandmother to make landscape quilts using steam a seam and preprinted landscape fabric and pictures of animals. We are currently working on her second quilt. I will post a picture of the first one as soon as I get the photo from my mom. It was fun and the next one is coming together nicely. This is a stretch for me as I don't usually work from pre-printed or cheater type fabrics. Making them look like they belong together is very challenging. So the creative brain has been busy and looking ahead it will not have a chance to go idle for awhile.

Oh I almost forgot. I was able to take a quilt class from Jenni Rayment in March. It was a splendid class. I have not quite finished the two small quilts we were able to start in class. But as soon as the prayer quilt is off that will be the next thing to finish. She taught us some very interesting fabric manipulation techniques. I had not ever tried the tucking or twisting type of manipulating she showed us. However, it was very simple especially since she did all the math and all I had to do was follow her instruction. The best part is now I understand what it is she is doing and so altering and trying new ways will be much easier than just looking at her book. Here is a photo of what I did get done in class.

Well, that about wraps up the last two months of crafting for me. I hope to stay on this creative roll for awhile. Although, having 3 kids with b-days and the final days of school and concerts and projects, and sports, husbands and anniversaries ,with a mini vaction for moi tossed in, will undoubtedly get in the way of finishing quilting tasks especially since one must also sleep and eat. Especially a decedent piece of chocolate and a glass of good wine to keep those creative juices flowing smoothly.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Postcards and Signatures - March 1, 2008

Good morning,

I received Susan's PC last week. It is fabulous. I feel intimidate by it to some extent. Postcard Quilts are new to me and I think it might show. But what fun they are. You have a completed project in just a few hours or minutes if you really have a handle on what you are doing. The possibilities seem endless. From researching the web, I have found that some quilters use it as a way to test a new method they want to try or practice embellishing before they put it together on their main project, and some really do use them to keep in touch with others mailing them right like they are. I am not quite finished with mine but it shouldn't be long now.

I have been spending considerable time on the prayer quilt for my son's friend. I have 200 signatures from his class and found out that we needed about 50 more to have all the kids in his grade sign. The quilt is growing it will be about 90" and that is without the borders.

Our little local paper got wind of the quilt as well and want to do a story about it. I am not sure how I feel about that. But if I can twist it to be about the kids and not me that will be ok.

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